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Get active in the office!
Are you working long hours at a job and not having enough time to go to the gym or get enough exercise everyday? This can be problematic, because it is difficult to be efficient in your career when you aren’t physically fit. We came up with seven tips that will help you get in your workout, even when your job is taking up most of your time.

1. Clean your office. You can burn over 100 calories in a half hour by vigorously cleaning. Your office mates will also be happy with a clean office!

2. Do stretches under your desk with your legs and ankles. If you need to stretch and be discreet, move around your ankles and legs under your desk to help burn some calories. Fidgeting like this all throughout the day can burn over 200 extra calories and stretching has innumerable benefits

3. Always take stairs instead of the elevators. Furthermore, park far away from the parking lot every morning, to put extra steps into your walk to the door.

4. Take the bus to work instead of driving. Walking to and from the bus stop will burn a lot of extra calories and will also improve the environment.

5. Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy food items. If you have healthy options to eat at work, you are much less likely to order takeout or food delivery with co-workers. Leave fresh fruit around the office instead of candy.

6. Decorate the office frequently. Hanging photos, signs and lights encourages movement and stretching which will burn many more calories than sitting and typing.

7. Lobby for a fitness program at work. “When employees are healthy and fit as a result of receiving regular exercise, they are less likely to stay home due to illness and are more likely to increase their productivity due to having higher energy levels.” -Wikihow

If you can convince your employer that their workers will be more effective with gym equipment and breaks for fitness activities, the workplace will benefit overall.

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