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Happy Halloween! How To Avoid Eating Too Many Sweets Today:

Written by Gabby

Halloween marks the start of the festive season. Rather than goblins and ghosts, the scariest part of Halloween is candy. They only give you more calories and sugar, and the truth is that not many people exercise enough to warrant eating many sweets. As small as they are, those little bars are only harmless as long as one can control the amount they consume. The bad news is that controlling consumption of candy is hard and as such, we present tips that can help keep your hands off the candy jar.

Out of sight, out of mind: Ask your colleagues to keep their sweets stashed away in their desk drawers or in cabinets in the break room. If they have to keep them on their desks, ask your coworkers to put the candy in colored jars. Keeping sweets out of sight reduces the temptation of eating too many.

Chew gum: Chewing sugarless gum gives your mouth a sweet sensation for a price of fewer calories. Past research has shown that chewing gum can help with satisfying a sweet tooth, relieving stress, reducing the urge to eat candy and increasing mental focus. It also helps to keep your hunger pangs under control until you can eat your next meal.

Savor a piece of your favorite candy daily: Denying yourself complete pleasure of your sugar treats can lead to an all-out binge. To avoid this, pick a special time of the day to eat your favorite candy everyday and savor the sweet sensation.

Purchase candy you don’t like: If what you have in your kitchen cabinets is something your little ones love but you don’t, resisting the temptation to open the candy jar and eat some will be easier. For most people, candy that lacks chocolate is not the type of candy that they would overeat.

Replace the sweets with a better choice: Putting out a bowl of vegetables and colored fruits rather than a jar of candy will make the see-food diet plan work in your favor.

Manage your hunger pangs: Before heading out, eat a good breakfast and plan for a few healthy snacks as well as a savory lunch. Keeping your hunger under control keeps you satisfied, and consequently reduces the temptation to eat candy.

Count the empty wrappers: Popping sweets into your mouth is a very easy thing to do and soon, you lose track of how many you have eaten. Keeping the wrappers on your desk reminds you of how many sweets you have eaten and inspires you to slow down or stop altogether.

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