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The Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Written by Gabby

Many women are afraid of strength training due to the myth that they will develop masculine physiques. But the Women Heart Foundation has revealed that the levels of estrogen in their bodies actually make it more difficult for women to develop huge muscles. Instead, strength exercises lead to better skin tones and endurance thus giving a more feminine look than a huge masculine body.

Strength training has many other health benefits in women as described in the rest of this article.

Weight control

Regular strength training helps in burning calories and reducing body fat thereby aiding in controlling overall body weight.

Preservation of muscle mass

Strength training is also beneficial in retaining muscle mass as you age. Due to the fact that body fat increases with age, it is important to counter that effect with a consistent buildup of muscles. This can only be achieved through regular strength exercises.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Women who perform regular strength exercises shield themselves from the serious bone condition; osteoporosis. Doubling these strength exercises with calcium rich diets helps women to maintain bone density during the hormonal transition they undergo as they age.

Prevents risk of injury

Another great benefit of strength exercise for women is the prevention of injuries due to the muscle build up and body stamina.

Reduces risk of diabetes

Regular strength training for women also aides in improving the processing of sugar by the body, thus reducing the risks of diabetes. Research has revealed that the utilization of glucose increases by over 20% in the first six months of strength training.

Reduces risk of Heart Disease

According to studies conducted by health experts, strength training for women is responsible for cardiovascular health in various ways. The most notable way this is achieved is by reducing bad cholesterol, also known as LDL while increasing levels of good cholesterol, better known as HDL. Supplementing strength exercise with cardiovascular exercises maximizes the benefits.

Reduces risk of Arthritis and Back Pain

Research shows that regular back exercises have an over 80% success rate in getting rid of lower-back pain. Similar studies have also found out that strength exercises are responsible for the reduced cases of arthritis in ageing women.

There are certainly many more health benefits of strength training for women, but the few listed above form the basis of healthy living. Adhering to a consistent strength workout program will get you a lean tone with no unnecessary body fat. To get the best out of strength exercises, it is advisable to seek a professional trainer’s guidance to safely transition you into a strong and healthy body.


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