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What Can Protein do for Me?

Written by Gabby

Proteins are extremely essential nutrients for humans. They have structural as metabolic functions for the body. Proteins form chains of amino acids which are building blocks for the body. They make up the skin, tissues, organs, cells, hair and muscles and as such play a very essential role in a person’s body. More importantly, taking proteins boosts brain functioning and immunity as well as other healthy aspects such as blood pressure regulation and cardiovascular health.

For women, the benefits of protein intake are extensive and cover a wide array or issues. These include:

a) Weight Loss

Though they are structural building blocks for the body, protein intake actually works to reduce weight gain. Conversion of protein into fat is an extremely slow process and therefore protein intake guarantees less weight gain. More so, some proteins have been known to boost metabolism and thus boost weight loss. Research has shown that protein intake in a diet with calorie restriction is one of the best ways for a person to lose weight. This for women is an extremely advantageous thing because it reduces the whole strain of expensive diets and restricted meal preferences.

b) Increase Body Strength

Women use up a lot of energy for metabolism during different stages in life. The energy if not replaced leaves the individual feeling fatigued, restless and this affects their functioning and work coordination. Protein intake boosts the body’s strength and gives you enough energy to handle your day to day activities. The energy from protein is high and long lasting and is therefore a high end benefit for the women. When the body is at a point where it needs a whole lot of energy, for instance during pregnancy, women are advised to increase their protein intake or use protein supplements.

c) Muscle Building and Maintenance

As women age, they experience loss of muscle mass at higher rates than men. This increases their risk for contracting many diseases such as osteoporosis. However, when a woman increases her protein intake and takes up fitness training exercises, the body’s muscle mass is maintained at considerably higher levels. This reduces the risk of contracting many age related illnesses as well as keeps the woman fit even in old age.

d) Boosting Brain Functioning

Brain functions require a lot of energy. Using up the body’s energy may leave one weak and more vulnerable to diseases not to mention fatigued and unproductive. Proteins boost the body’s energy thus giving the brain sufficient energy to go by for its functioning. Additionally, protein intake has been shown to increase blood flow which is an essential process for brain functioning. Better blood flow in women also means better brain functioning.

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